When we say a diamond saw blade is good or bad, normally we consider the cutting efficiency and life of the blade. The blade segment is composed of diamond and metal bond. As the main function of metal bond is to hold the diamond. So, the diamond grit size and concentration ratio affect the cutting performance.

There is a saying “the higher diamond concentration, the longer life and the slower cutting speed.” However, this saying is not right.

  • If the blades have the same bond type and diameter, when they cut the same material, along with the increase of diamond concentration, the cutting speed will become faster. However, when the diamond concentration over the limit, the cutting speed become slow down. Take the 14” laser welded blade for instance, when the diamond concentration is 15%, the cutting speed is 3.5m/min, increase the diamond concentration to 25%, the cutting speed can reach 4m/min, when the concentration reaches 35%, the cutting speed slow down to 2.2m/min.
  • Different blade diameter size, the concentration limit is different. For example, at 15%, the 180mm laser blade has fast cutting speed on stones, while the concentration limit of 230mm blade is 20%, 350mm blade is 25%.
  • When the blades have the same diameter and the same bond types, if the cutting material is different, the concentration limit will be different accordingly. Take 180mm blade for example, at 15% concentration, it has fastest cutting speed on stones, while the concentration should be increased to 20% if cut concrete.

The blade life relies on the diamond quantity, the more diamond the longer life. Of course, there is also a limit. If the diamond concentration is too low, every diamond will receive bigger impact, easy to get cracked and drop out. While, if the diamond concentration is too high, the diamond will not get edged properly, the cutting speed will slow down.