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Diamond Core Drill Bits

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Key Inspection Process

The diamond core drill bits go through a series of processing inspection and performance testing, resulting in consistent products from start to finish.

Drill barrel inspection

We will inspect the dimension and material of drill barrels before brazing the diamond core drill bits.

Test the segment hardness

The segment hardness test can tell if the diamond concentration and metal bond are qualified.

Bending Test on welding Strength

We do bending test on the core drill bit to inspect the welding strength of the segments.

Overall Appearance Inspection

After laser marking and painting, we do overall inspection of the core drill bits, to check the painting quality.

Drilling Test On Concrete Slab

We will pick several core bits out of each shipment to do drilling test and record the drilling speed and performance

Careful Packaging

we take care of the pacakging, to make sure the diamond core drill bits will not be damaged during transporation.

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