How the diamond cutting saw blade works?

It is a round steel plate welded or pressed with metal bond diamond segments, to be installed on electric or pneumatic saw machines. When the saw machine starts, the saw blade rotates fast. It can cut concrete, stones, bricks and other hard construction materials.

Looks like the blade is just cut the materials, so the diamond saw blade is always called diamond cutting disc. However, the working principle of diamond saw blade is like this :

The material is crushed first, and then grinded off. The key part of the saw blade is the diamond, the edge face of the diamond is used to crush the material, its front edge is to cut the material, and its back edge is to grind the material.

Metal Bond Specification Is Important To Diamond Saw Blade

Diamond quality is very important for the diamond saw blade, but the diamond can’t work alone. Metal bond is required to embed and support the diamond.

During the cutting process, a lot of heat will be generated from the friction. Accordingly, the diamond will be graphited, crushed and finally drop off; At the same time, the metal bond will also be worn out by the friction from concrete or stones. So, the harmonious wear rate between diamond and metal bond matters a lot. Otherwise, even the diamond is the best quality, the blade still perform bad.

A good diamond cutting saw blade has perfect match of wear rate, the blade can be edged constantly, neither drop off too early nor get blunted. When someone says the blade can’t cut well. Possibly the metal bond of the blade is not suitable for the material, or the diamond quality is not suitable.

  • If the wear rate of metal bond is faster than that of diamond, the diamond will be edged too much, and will be easily drop off, the life of the blade will be shortened.
  • If the metal bond worn slower, diamond at the first layer has been worn out, but the new diamond hasn’t come up yet. The blade will become blunt, cutting speed will be slow down, the operators will feel big resistance in cutting the material.

So, when choose the diamond saw blade, both diamond and metal bond should be considered together.

Before choose the saw blade, it is better to envaluate the hardness of the material, if the material is concrete, pls rfer to my article

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