What is the difference between the silencer blade and low noise blade?


Noise will be a problem if the cutting job is carried out inside the residential area. There is higher percentage you will receive complaint. If there is a blade can lower the noise, that will be great help.

There do have supplier offer silencer blade and low noise blade, these are two different blades, the difference lies in the steel blanks.


Silencer Steel Blanks

It is like a sandwich, the steel blank is composed by three layers, the outside two layers are steel material, while the inside layer is made of copper or aluminum. The silencer blade can largely lower the noise generated from cutting. That is because the copper layer will be deformed when there is vibration during cutting, the deformation of copper layer will convert the vibration energy to thermal energy. The noise will be lowered accordingly. According to the test, the noise can be lowered 12 dB.


 Low noise steel blanks

There are small gaps on the steel blanks, these gaps are cut by laser, and the gap width is around 0.15-0.25mm. These gaps are helpful to lower the noise. If the damping material is inserted the gaps, the performance even better.

There are different shapes of gap, the “s”style, “N”style, etc. As the vibration and friction happens at the point of 1/3 from the outside circle of the blade, so these small gaps locate at this part. Click here