How to choose the right diamond blade


Before you are looking to buy a diamond blade, it is necessary for you to take some time to reserch various options, as choosing the wrong one could result in decreased efficiency, increased cost and project downtime.

Choosing the right blade will make the process of cutting material smoother and safer as well as provide a seamless cut. Here are some advices for your reference

Please be clear about the material you are going to cut.

If you choose the wrong type of diamond blade for the materials that you need to cut, it could have disastrous consequences. You may end up wasting expensive material as the diamond blade does not give you a clean cut, and it can also cause safety issues due to the blade skipping and not effectively being able to cut the material.

Choosing the right blade will ensure that the process is quick and easy. When you are cutting materials such as concrete and asphalt, you should be aware of exactly what the mixture is made up of. Finding out what aggregate was used is the best way to match up a specific blade to your materials. If you deal with a professional diamond blade supplier, they will be able to help narrow down your shortlist when you provide the details of the material you need to cut.

What equipment will you be using?

Whether you are using a saw or a power cutter, you need to know the speed and power specs of the specific tool. This will determine what size blade you need as well as help determine what type of surface you need on the blade. The choice between a dry blade and a wet blade is determined by the capabilities of the tool.

Is the material you will be cutting wet or dry?

This is an important factor to consider when choosing a diamond blade. Dry blades are only to be used when cutting shallow material or making step cuts. This is due to the fact that dry blades need substantial air flow around them to prevent excessive heat from building up.

Wet diamond blades need to be used with water in order to cool it down and prevent it from overheating. It will also decrease the amount of dust that is generated. You need to ensure that there is a continuous water supply on the wet blade or else you will be putting yourself and fellow workers at.

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