Project Description

Aluminum Turbo Grinding Cup Wheel for Granite and Marble

Aluminum Turbo Grinding Cup Wheel For Granite And Marble

  • Diameter: 115mm/125mm/180mm

  • Bore Size: 22.23mm / M14 thread

  • Segment Thickness: 7mm

  • Equipment: Hand held Angle Grinder

  • Application: Granite, Marble, Concrete



This aluminum turbo grinding cup wheel also known as Aluminium base cup wheel,features light weight aluminum-body for less stress on the grinder than the normal steel body.

Designed for faster and more aggressive grinding and shaping. Loaded with high grade diamonds dispursed evenly through the matrix.

Three option diamond grit sizes: COARSE, MEDIUM, FINE – to have the best performance on surfaces, corners, edges and angles of any granite, marble and stone surfaces.

Applications: Granite, Marble and Stone.

Equipment: Angle Grinder and Floor Grinder.


Product CodeDiameterSeg ThicknessArbor
CPT1054″7mm22.23 & 5/8-11 & M14
CPT1154.5″7mm22.23 & 5/8-11 & M14
CPT1255″7mm22.23 & 5/8-11 & M14