Project Description

Spike Segment Concrete Grinding Wheel

  • Diameter: 125mm/150mm/180mm

  • Bore Size: 22.23mm, 19mm (for 150mm diameter)

  • Segment Height: 5.5mm

  • Bond Types: soft, medium hard and hard

  • Application: To remove paint, glue, mastic, coatings and abrasive materials



The Spike Segment concrete grinding wheel is newly designed to cut through tough jobs. Random placed diamond segment spikes allow for an aggressive grind with out loading or gumming up. Also works well for hard troweled concrete to break the glaze.The mini rhomboid segment is perfectly designed for the aggressive removal of coatings, epoxy and mastic. The newly designed mini rhomboid shaped segments tears through coatings and eliminates the gumming up of segments. the cup wheel has angled segments that are designed to help get underneath light coatings and prep concrete in a single step. They are also used to aggressively grind bare concrete and remove high spots.


Product CodeDiameterSeg HeightSeg No.Bore
CPG 125125mm5.5mm1222.23
CPG 150150mm5.5mm1619
CPG 180180mm5.5mm2022.23