Project Description

125mm Cyclone PCD Cup Wheel

125mm Cyclone PCD Cup Wheel

  • Diameter: 125mm

  • Bore Size: 22.23mm

  • Segment Number:  1/4PCD x 6

  • Equipment: Hand held Angle Grinder

  • Application: To remove paint, glue, mastic, coatings and abrasive materials



125mm 6 segment Cyclone PCD Cup Wheel has specially designed cup dish body, different from the normal round type, the cyclone pcd cup wheel is light weight designed, has slots at the cup dish rim. This design is helpful for dust removal and faster grinding speed. 6 pcs of quarter PCD segments make the cup wheel last longer. Effective tool to remove coatings, paint, epoxy, glue and adhesives.

Arbor can be 22.23mm bore or thread, it can fit most of the angle grinders.


125mm: 1/4PCD x6

150mm: 1/4PCD x6

180mm: 1/4PCD x9

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