Project Description

Split PCD grinding disc

5″ and 7″ Split PCD Grinding Disc

  • Diameter: 125mm/180mm

  • Segment Height: 8mm

  • Bore Size: 22.23mm

  • Segment: PCD chip segment

  • Application: To remove paint, glue, mastic, coatings and abrasive materials



Split PCD grinding disc is usually used together with 16# or 20# diamond grinding wheels, the diamond grinding wheels are used to open up the coating or paints on top of the floor, while split pcd grinding disc is used to make the slots deeper. Although PCD has high hardness, it is crisp, so use the coarse diamond grinding wheel as open up tool is a good way to save cost.


  • High quality PCD
  • 8mm height segment make the pcd grinding disc last longer time
  • Dynamic balanced grinding cup wheel, moves smoothly on angle grinder.
  • High effiency on removing thin coating, paint or other abrasive material.

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