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10-seg diamond Grinding Plug
5-Arrow Grinding Plug
6-Bar Grinding Plug
PCD Grinding Plug

Diamond Grinding Plugs

Diameter Size: 3”(75mm)

Segment Number: 3/5/6/10

Bond Types: Soft, Medium, Hard, PCD

Grit Size: 6#, 16#, 20#, 30#, 60#, 120#

Equipment: Suits Satellite 480, Prepmaster, terrco, etc


Features and benefits

Designed for aggressive concrete cleaning, smoothing, and coating removal;

Remove dry or wet, rough & uneven spots on concrete or terrazzo surfaces;

Fast grinding speed, high performance and long life;

Available in a variety of grit sizes to suit your extreme application, ranges from 6# up to 300#

Cone shape body, easy to install and remove.

Suits wide range grinder machines: Satellite 480, Prepmaster, Terrco, etc

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