Project Description

Diamond Grinding Wing

Diamond Grinding Wings

  • Segment Dimension: 40mm *10mm *10mm

  • Bond types: Soft/Medium Hard/Hard

  • Grit Size: 14/16, 20/25, 35/40, 60/70, 80/100, 120/140

  • Segment Number: 2

  • Application: BLASTRAC GRINDER


Diamond Grinding Wing Models

Features And Specification Of Diamond Grinding Wing

  • Diamond Grinding Wing is also known as trapezoid grinding plate, it is metal bond tooling for Blastrac grinder machine.
  • With Specially designed metal bond specification and diamond matrix, the trapezoid diamonds provides aggressive grinding speed on wide range of floor types.
  • both thread holes and bore holes on the same plate, can be fitted on by bolt or magnet, more flexible.
  • We set up color code to distinguish different bond types, red color for hard concrete, green color for universal concrete, blue color for soft concrete.
Red Diamond Grinding Wing-Soft Bond
Color CodeRed Plate For Hard Concrete
Grit Size 16/18#, 20/25#, 30/40#
Segment Number 2
Segment Dimension40mm*10mm*10mm
Green Diamond Grinding Wing for Blastrac Grinder
Color CodeGreen Plate For Universal Concrete
Grit Size 16/18#, 20/25#, 30/40#, 60/70#
Segment Number 2
Segment Dimension40mm*10mm*10mm
Blue Diamond Grinding Wing For Blastrac Grinder
Color Code Blue Plate For Soft Concrete
Grit Size 20/25#, 30/40#, 60/70#, 120/140
Segment Number 2
Segment Dimension40mm*10mm*10mm
Black Diamond Grinding Wing for Blastrac Grinder
Color Code Black Plate For Very Hard Concrete
Grit Size 20/25#, 30/40#.
Segment Number 2
Segment Dimension40mm*10mm*10mm