Project Description

125mm Split PCD Cup Wheel

125mm Split PCD Cup Wheel

  • Product Code: DCL

  • Diameter: 125mm

  • Bore Size: 22.23mm

  • Segment Number: 8

  • Segment Height : 8mm

  • Application: To remove paint, glue, mastic, coatings and abrasive materials



Diamond Surface Grinding Wheels with split PCD chips inside the diamond segment, it is mainly used to do coarse grinding. If the floor requires coarse grinding, bigger grain diamond tools are the normal choice, but the cost is higher as well. If use PCD cup wheels, there will be heavy scratches left on the floor. When there is just light epoxy or paint on the floor, use the split PCD segment diamond surface grinding wheels can do the job well. The grinding wheel can take up the epoxy and paint effectively with smooth finishing, at the same time the cost is much lower than bigger grain size diamond tools.

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