Project Description

Laser welded Tuck Point Blade

Laser Welded Tuck Point Blade

  • Product Type: Laser Welded Blade

  • Diameter Range: from 4″ up to 16″

  • Segment Height: 10mm

  • Segment Width: 6.4mm/8mm/10mm

  • Application: Cutting concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, block and stone



Laser Welded tuck point blade is designed to efficiently clean out or repair the cracks on the concret surface and masonry surface, also it can efficiently remove the mortar joints in brick, block or stone for exterior building surface, interior floors and walls.

Diamond segment is embeded with different bond types for fast cutting speed and exceptional long life

Diameter ranges from 4″ up to 16″; Segment width can be 6.4mm, 8mm and 10mm


Product CodeDiameterSeg HeightSeg WidthBore
CCB 105105mm10mm6.4mm/8mm/10mm22.23mm
CCB 115115mm10mm6.4mm/8mm/10mm22.23mm
CCB 125125mm10mm6.4mm/8mm/10mm22.23mm
CCB 180180mm10mm6.4mm/8mm/10mm22.23mm
CCB 350350mm10mm6.4mm/8mm/10mm25.4mm
CCB 400400mm10mm6.4mm/8mm/10mm25.4mm