Project Description

Quarter PCD Paint Removal Disc

5″and 7″ Quarter PCD Segment Paint Removal Discs

  • Product Number: DCD

  • Diameter: 125mm, 180mm

  • Bore Size: 22.23mm

  • Segment Number:  1/4PCD x6

  • Application: To remove paint, glue, mastic, coatings and abrasive materials



Paint removal disc is PCD grinding tool designed to do aggressive grinding to remove paint from concrete floors. Quarter PCD segment with quarter round on top which strip as much paint as possible. 5″ discs have 6 PCD segments and 7″ discs have 9 PCD segments, long life lasting.

Upon requirement, the arbor can be 22.23 bore hole, 5/8″-11 thread or M14 thread. The paint removal disc can fit most of the popular angle grinders on the market, they are the ideal tool for paint removal, glue removal and epoxy removal.

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