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125mm Cup Wheel with 6 pieces of ring segment

Ring Segment Cup Wheel

  • Designed for: fast removal of paint, abrasives, adhesive residues, thermoplastic
  • Diameter Size: 125mm, 150mm, 180mm
  • Segment Height: ∅25 x10mm
  • Arbor Size: 22.23mm/28-23.5mm
  • Metal Bond: soft and coarse diamond

Features and benefits

  • Specially develped soft bond with coarse diamond grits provides fast removal rate for sanding uneveness, remove paint, adhesive residues, thermoplastic;
  • Ring design segment as well as the big venting holes, avoid the segments getting overheat, and better for dust removal;
  • High quality diamond grit with specially developed metal bond provides aggressive and smooth grinding performance;
  • Available in 125mm, 150mm and  180mm

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