Project Description

Segmented Dry Cut Blade

SSA Segmented Dry Cut Blade

  • Product Type: Hot Press Sinter Blade

  • Diameter: from 4″(105mm) up to 14″(350mm)

  • Segment Height: 10mm

  • Application: Designed for general purpose use, can cut brick, block, concrete, masonry and stones



The Segmented dry cut blade is an all purpose diamond blade featuring the latest sintered technology and fast cutting speed. Their functionality makes them one of the most popular of all the blades. These diamond blades deliver optimum performance and good blade life. Standard Segmented diamond blades are used with angle grinders, circular saws, high speed power saws and masonry saws for cutting block, concrete, pavers and brick.


Product CodeDiameterSeg HeightSeg WidthBore
SSA 1054″10mm2.0mm22.23mm
SSA 1154.5″ 10mm2.0mm22.23mm
SSA 1255″ 10mm2.0mm22.23mm
SSA 1506″ 10mm2.0mm22.23mm
SSA 1807″ 10mm2.3mm22.23mm
SSA 2309″ 10mm2.5mm22.23mm
SSA 25010″ 10mm2.5mm22.23mm
SSA 30012″ 10mm2.9mm25.4mm
SSA 35014″ 10mm2.9mm25.4mm