Project Description

SSC Turbo Diamond Blade

SSC Hot Press Sinter Turbo Diamond Blade

  • Product Type: Hot Press Sinter Blade

  • Diameter: 125mm, 150mm, 230mm

  • Segment Height: 8mm

  • Application: Cutting concrete, brick, block and stone, also can be used for slot cutting



SSC Turbo Diamond Blade is designed for dry cutting applications, it is the premium blade for cutting concrete, granite, engineered marble and other hard materials. It fits on most of the angle grinder and stone cutters. High quality diamond grit and matrix provides “chipping-free” cutting.

Special designed protection segment can well protect the blade steel core from wearing too fast. This is a fast cutting blade with long life.


Product CodeDiameterSeg HeightSeg WidthBore
SSC 125125mm8mm2.2mm22.23mm
SSC 150150mm8mm2.2mm22.23mm
SSC 230230mm8mm2.5mm22.23mm