Project Description

Step Segment Grinding Disc

Diamond Step Segment Grinding Disc

  • Diameter: 125mm/180mm

  • Bore Size: 22.23mm

  • Segment Number:

    125mm: 6 segments

    180mm: 8 segments

  • Segment Height: 12mm

  • Application: Designed for fast and aggressive concrete grinding



Step Segment Grinding Disc is designed for fast and aggressive concrete grinding. Extreme soft bond with 20/25# high quality coarse diamond has excellent grinding performance on extra hard concrete. The step segment shape provides multi sharp points, it has good performance on removing coatings and thin epoxy as well. 12mm segment height can make sure the cup wheel lasts longer.

At present, the step segment grinding disc is available in 2 diameters: 125mm and 180mm.

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