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Turbo segment Concrete Cutting Blade

Turbo Concrete Cutting Blade

  • Product Type: Laser welded Pro Blade
  • Designed for: Rebar-Reinforced concrete, cured concrete, hard bricks
  • Equipment: handheld, table, and low horsepower walk-behind saws
  • Diameter Size: 230mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm
  • Segment Height: 10mm
  • Arbor: 25.4mm (1”)

Features and benefits

Laser-welded cutting segments allow faster cutting on multiple materials

Turbo segment design is helpful for better cooling and dust removal.

Specially designed diamond bond and matrix can guarantee the blade has fast cutting speed.

One Blade that will cut it all, NO time wasted swapping blades for different materials
Long Blade Life

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