Project Description

LSI U slot Asphalt blade

Laser Welded U Slot Asphalt Blade

  • Product Type: Laser Welded Blade

  • Diameter: 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″

  • Segment Height: 10mm

  • Application:┬áDesigned for cutting asphalt and abrasive materials



The U slot asphalt blade is one of the widely used blades to cut asphalt and abrasive materials.The wide U design is suitable for fast cutting abrasive materials. Drop segment can protect the blades from undercutting. This is the ideal blade for cutting asphalt. Smooth cutting with long life. Their narrow U-Slot gullet design allows for quick and efficient debris removal to provide faster cutting action. The Supreme Asphalt blades also offer hard metal undercut protection to prevent segment loss and extend blade life. These diamond blades are ideal for high speed saws and walk behind saws up to 35 HP for cutting asphalt and green concrete. Dry and wet use.


Product CodeDiameterSeg HeightSeg WidthBore
LSI 300300mm10mm3.2mm25.4mm
LSI 350350mm10mm3.2mm25.4mm
LSI 400400mm10mm3.2mm25.4mm
LSI 450450mm10mm3.6mm25.4mm
LSI 500500mm10mm3.6mm25.4mm