Cub floor Grinder

CE Standard DG250-I Concrete Floor Grinder, 250mm Single Head Floor Grinding Machine

  • POWER:2.2KW/3HP


  • RMP:1400rpm



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The DIACUTEX DG250-I concrete floor grinder is a compact walk behind concret floor grinding machine, it is mainly used to grind the corner area or edge area, it has a removable shroud system to allow grinding as close as possible to a wall or other floor protrusion; Compare with the big floor grinding machines, our DG250-I floor grinder has compat size and foldable handle bar, it can be put in the trunk and carried everywhere.

Also, it features an internal safety cut out system to enable engine overload protection and It also features a dust extraction port and water connection.Level adjustment on rear wheels allow the user to maintain a flat surface. This is a popular grinding equipments well accepted by the projectors and floor grinder rental companies.

Specification of DG250-I Concrete floor grinder:

Power: 2.2Kw/3Hp;  Rated Voltage: 220V

RPM: 1400rpm;  Net Weight: 67KG

Packing Size: 825mmx432mmx860mm

QUANTITY: 144pcs./ 40container  70 pcs./ 20container

Mounting Plate: Standard 250mm Mounting plate

Bolt Types: M12x25 Contersunk socket head

features of floor grinder

Features and Benefits

1.Internal overload protection;
2.Folding handle to reduce space during transportation;
3.Level adjustment;
4.Handle height adjustment;
5.Water connection;
6.Dust extraction port.


  • The Floor Grinder is fitted with 2.2kW single phase motor. This motor offers a direct drive to the grinding plate with the incorporation of a flexible coupling between  the motor and the plate;
  • The shroud system is unique in design, automatically adjusting to suit segment height and floor angle.  This shroud system, when used in conjunction with an appropriate industrial vacuum unit, eliminates dust loss during grinding.  The shroud has 2 removable sections to enable the operator to grind close up to the wall etc. Please note that dust loss is possible when this section is removed;
  • The floor grinder comes complete with a water connection for wet grinding should this be required.  This incorporates a ball valve allowing the operator to regulate the water supply to obtain the best grinding results;
  • The floor grinder has a foldable handle which enables it to be easily transported in the trunk of most small vehicles. The rear wheels can also be extended outward should the operator want more stability from the grinder.  This requires the use of a 10mm wrench.  The operator can also raise or lower the height of the handle to maximize their comfort when using the grinder. And the new designed lifter system makes operator handy to use.