Bending Test

100% test on Diamond Saw Blades

What is bending test?

Bending test is used to test the strength of the joint between the segment and steel blank.

Tension Test

100% test on the blades

What is Tension Test

We do tension test on the blades of 300mm dia above. After tension test, the blades can rotate smoothly on the handheld saw.

Flatness Test

100% test on diamond saw blade

What is the flatness test

Either the sinter blade or the welded blade, there will be litter shape change during production. The flatness test is to make sure whether extra adjustment is needed.

Dynamic Balance Test

100% test on Grinding Cup Wheels

What Dynamic Balance Test Do?

As the angle grinder has high rpm, to make sure the grinding cup wheel rotate smoothly. Dynamic balance test is needed.

Segment Dimension Test

100% test on segment dimension

Segment Dimension Test

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Bore Hole Test

100% test on bore holes

Bore Hole Test

Bore hole is the essential part to install the blade or cup wheels to the machine, must be accurate.

Hardness Test

Sample test

What Hardness Test Do?

To test the hardness of the steel blank, if the hardness of steel blank is qualified, it can be used in production

Overall Test

100% test

Overall Test

After the blades are completed production, there will be final overall test, to inspect the overall diameter, segment height and bore size, etc.

Cutting Test

Sampling Test

Cutting Test

For every batch of blades, we will select 5 pcs randomly to do cutting test and record the cutting performance