Want to use diamond saw blade longer? You have to know 5 factors!


When we buy a diamond saw blade, we hope the blade can be used as long as possible, below are 5 factors affect the life of diamond saw blade.

Diamond Grit

Diamond Grit Size, normal diamond grit size ranges from 30/35#-60/80#. The harder material, the finer diamond grit should be used. The big diameter blade always require high cutting efficiency, better to choose core diamond grit, like 30/40#, or 40/50#; While the small diameter blades always used to cut tiles, stones or marbles, in order to make sure the smooth cutting surface, better to choose fine diamond grit, like 50/60#, 60/80#.

Diamond Concentration

Diamond concentration means the diamond density displayed in the metal bond(the diamond weight at unit area).According to the diamond tool design standard, the diamond concentration is 100% if there is 4.4 karat diamond at every cm3; When there is 3.3 karat diamond, the concentration is 75%.Except for the weight concentration, there is still volume concentration, the diamond concentration is 100% when the diamond volume occupies 1/4 of the total volume.

So, the blade life can be extended by increasing the diamond concentration, but there is a limit, if there is too much diamond, the cutting speed will be affected, because the diamond can’t be edged properly.

Metal Bond hardness

The harder metal bond, the better abrasion resistance. The metal bond should be harder if the cutting material is abrasive.

Force effect

Diameter above 300mm, all the blades need to do tension test before delivery. Because there are two main forces during cutting process: the axial force and radial force. The tension test is to eliminate the axial force, otherwise, together with the radial force, these two forces will cause the distortion of the blade, cutting performance will be affected and the wear out rate will be higher.


Overheat is another factor affects the blade life. The overheat will cause two problems: too high temperature will make the diamond transform to graphite, at the same time, high temperature can also cause the diamond particle drop off from the metal bond easily.

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