Project Description

125mm turbo rim Cup Wheel

Turbo Rim Cup Wheel

  • Diameter: 100m/ 125mm/180mm

  • Bore Size: 22.23mm

  • Segment Thickness : 5mm

  • Diamond Grit: 30/40#; 60/70#; 80/100#

  • Application: Concrete Surface



  • Turbo Rim Cup Wheel features for its solid rim segment with narrow gap between each teeth. This design makes the cup wheel has the most surface contact, and makes smooth finishing on floor.
  • Uniform distribution of metal powder and diamond grits make the turbo rim cup wheel have perfect balancing. Balanced cup wheel has longer life and better performance.
  • Diamond Grit Size range from 30/40; 60/70; 80/100, covers the grinding process from coarse to fine.
  • Provides easy grinding and shaping of rounded surfaces, corners, angles, and edges.


Product CodeDiameterSegment ThicknessRim WidthBore Size
CTR 105105mm5mm20mm22.23mm
CTR 125125mm5mm20mm22.23mm
CTR 180180mm5mm20mm22.23mm