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125mm Turbo Rim Cup Wheel

Continuous Rim Cup Wheel

  • Designed For: Concrete and masonry
  • Diameter Size: 100mm, 125mm, 180mm
  • Segment Thickness: 5mm
  • Diamond Grit: 30/40#, 60/70#, 80/100#
  • Arbor: 22.23mm/ M14 thread

Features and benefits

  • Universal application on concrete, granite, marble;
  • Solid rim segment with narrow gap between each teeth makes the cup wheel has the most surface contact;
  • Continuous rim segment dispersed evenly on the steel body, leave nice finishing on floor;
  • Better balancing than other segmented cup wheels, vibration free;
  • Cup Wheel body can either be aluminum base or iron base.
  • Diamond grit ranges from coarse, medium to fine.
  • Provides easy grinding and shaping of rounded surfaces, corners, angles, and edges

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